Sunday, November 11, 2012

More first year paintings

 Quick painting of my Dad in Nepal

Red Pine Lake for my friend Trish

Birds in Costa Rica painted for Kim
Flower for Carrie

Julie, Paul and I painted each other on napkins while waiting for our meal in Las Vegas. Art Geeks.

Tonya's babies

Painting for Shawnie and Leslie as a thank you for letting us stay in their fabulous St. George home all the time.

A painting of my friend Vicki's teapot, this was a gift for my mom

Belle the service dog, Kelley told me this is hanging in the Murray Library.

Steve's house

Fisher and Quinn at Jordanelle

This is how I entertain myself at church. Notice the mouse on Sister Kunzler's shoulder.

Mia and Fisher

It is really not safe to sit in front of me at church.

Flowers for Shari, these flowers were given to Shari from her mother, Sharon.

Colleen's birthday painting

Susie asked me to paint her a hibiscus

My stepson Pete and his children Tyla and Payton on the boardwalk at Brighton.  This is one of my very favorites.

For Colleen

This one was for Colleen too.

Tomi the three legged dog.

This is a copy of a painting that my brother-in-law Phil Leatherwood painted. I want to be as good as him someday. He is an amazing artist.

My grandson Jordon.