Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sir Winston Churchill

My brother Steve took Harold and I on a bike ride in Midway Sat. and we did a little gallery stroll. At one of the galleries there were some cool loose paintings of Thomas Jefferson and some other famous people. I decided that I wanted to give it a try and paint Winston. Steve's middle name is Winston. This one is for you Steve. Thanks for being  such a cool brother and cheerleader. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TBO's portrait

I painted this for Scott and Donna,  TBO with  a photo of Scotts original building  in the back ground. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

My first large canvas 

Maurine gave me this large canvas  ( 36 " x 36") , and I painted my first large landscape. Super fun and fast. I worked about 3 hours on it last night and then did some finishing touches on it this morning, The colors work great in our dining room and go well  with the new rug Harold bought.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

I did two paintings today

I am so excited to have this blog so I can store my paintings and write down my thoughts. These two paintings were done yesterday. The one of the funeral home is going to be a gift to my parents so I went to class on a mission to get it as perfect as possible, I was asking for help constantly and not trusting my instincts. I came away pretty discouraged. I got very little done in class and was determined not to touch it until next week and have my teacher spoon feed again on every little detail. I have NO patience, I came home and within an hour had my painting done, I have a problem focusing on anything else until I am finished with a painting.  At first I hated it and was ticked with my lack of patience, but now I look at it and like it with all the imperfections.  

After finishing the funeral home and being extremely frustrated, I decided to do a loose painting and throw all the rules out the window and go for it.  I saw this picture on FB, Mel had posted it and I thought it would make a great painting, I spent a couple of hours on it and I love it.  Maybe someday I will be more exact and technical ( or maybe not) I enjoy just jumping in and painting these rough loose pieces.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

More first year paintings

 Quick painting of my Dad in Nepal

Red Pine Lake for my friend Trish

Birds in Costa Rica painted for Kim
Flower for Carrie

Julie, Paul and I painted each other on napkins while waiting for our meal in Las Vegas. Art Geeks.

Tonya's babies

Painting for Shawnie and Leslie as a thank you for letting us stay in their fabulous St. George home all the time.

A painting of my friend Vicki's teapot, this was a gift for my mom

Belle the service dog, Kelley told me this is hanging in the Murray Library.

Steve's house

Fisher and Quinn at Jordanelle

This is how I entertain myself at church. Notice the mouse on Sister Kunzler's shoulder.

Mia and Fisher

It is really not safe to sit in front of me at church.

Flowers for Shari, these flowers were given to Shari from her mother, Sharon.

Colleen's birthday painting

Susie asked me to paint her a hibiscus

My stepson Pete and his children Tyla and Payton on the boardwalk at Brighton.  This is one of my very favorites.

For Colleen

This one was for Colleen too.

Tomi the three legged dog.

This is a copy of a painting that my brother-in-law Phil Leatherwood painted. I want to be as good as him someday. He is an amazing artist.

My grandson Jordon.

My first year of painting. Not in cronological order.

This is a copy of a painting in a Park City Gallery.

Our  2012 Christmas card starring Odee

These were some practice paintings I made before painting a yellow flower for Colleen Buehner, these rejects are hanging in our bedroom and look pretty cool

Class project

Freemont State Park cabin, painted while attending a watercolor class in St. George with Roland Lee

My very first painting of a person, I did this late one night while Harold was working in Idaho, took maybe 45 min. It is my little Julie, and I love it, even if the likeness is questionable.

Blue Footed Boobie

Owl, hanging in our bathroom with the Blue Footed Boobie


 I painted this in honor of the Sheepdog Festival in Midway.  This is one of my favorites.

After painting Julie I had to paint paint Jana, she is buried  in the sand, this was another quick painting, probably 30 min. Sometimes I like my rough fast paintings the best.


This is a copy of Maira Kalman's work, hanging in my kitchen

A very quick painting I did after driving back from St. George, I told Harold I had to PAINT, went into my studio and did this in about an hour. I like it, my mom said " What is it? A duck?  "  Thanks mom.

Class project

Another quick painting, hanging in our bathroom

Class project - watercolor

Capital Reef - class project

Did this while I was sluffing Relief Society,  Odee

Spent 3 class periods on this and am trying really hard to like it, but having trouble

cupcake, no calories

scene from North Carolina - watercolor

sandpiper in acrylic

Watercolor in our kitchen


Three Patriarchs  in Zion  - Acrylic

My very first painting I did while taking classes with Paul. He did a pineapple too. It is hanging in our dining room.

Fast watercolor, sloppy, but kind of like it.

A late night watercolor while Harold was in Idaho


My second watercolor class project, the view from the beachhouse.

Another late night watercolor while the hubby is away in Idaho

My attempt at mom, I texted this to Chris fishing for a compliment  and he said " Why is granny wearing a turban?'  

Broken Bow Arch (watercolor)


Torrey - acrylic

Copy of Pilar's work -acrylic

Watercolor hanging in our hall bathroom

My art studio

Mission in California - acrylic

Red Mountain, in Ivins where I ran my 50K - acrylic

Windows at Arches National Park - watercolor

This is a watercolor I did of girl Steve did a documentary of, the caption he had under the photo was "smiling boatmaker"   It is one of my favorites.

 Seascape - acrylic

The Beatles Abby Road album cover that I painted for Harold's birthday. This is hanging in our dining room

I was playing with watercolor, another 30 min piece I ended up really liking, this is hanging in our kitchen next to mom's chicken quilt.

Paul and I spent a day together painting.

One of my very first acrylic paintings

Sego Lily that I donated for the Brain Injury silent auction.

Plumaria  flower I painted for Jana

My 5th painting ,the Torrey cabin

This painting is of mom's geraniums at the beachhouse. It sold at the Brain Injury silent auction for $40.  It made me smile for a week!

Hawaiian shack - acrylic

While sluffing Relief Society I practiced some of Bob Ross's techniques, ended up painting a flying pig over the mountains.

This was my first landscape, painted from a photo Harold took while backpacking in Coyote Gulch.

 Makapu Light House from a photo Harold took while in Hawaii

I did this painting at home of the Park City barn,  I loved it, I took it to show my teacher and he said the perspective  was terrible and to  fix it, I didn't, I like it. So there.   If you look really close on the left side of the picture you will see me and my girlfriend Ardath running.  This is one of our favorite running routes.

 Mr Duerdan, my acrylic art teacher, he is in his late 80s, I like him even if he doesn't like my Park City barn.

My painting classmate Lisa, grandmother of triplets! 

My running friend Tom sitting on his deck in Hawaii after a marathon blowing bubbles.

A painting I did for Pete's mom Nancy -acrylic

Acrylic painting for Doris's birthday.

Bob Marley ( Julie and Paul's dog) acrylic

Acrylic painting I did for my brother Steve.



Laughing girl with camel, given to cousin Shari

Lilies  for Monica


Painting of one of granny's quilt

water lily - acrylic

My studio

My Christopher climbing

 Bob, Penelope, Odee and Ziggy in the back of a truck, going on a little joy ride.