Thursday, November 15, 2012

I did two paintings today

I am so excited to have this blog so I can store my paintings and write down my thoughts. These two paintings were done yesterday. The one of the funeral home is going to be a gift to my parents so I went to class on a mission to get it as perfect as possible, I was asking for help constantly and not trusting my instincts. I came away pretty discouraged. I got very little done in class and was determined not to touch it until next week and have my teacher spoon feed again on every little detail. I have NO patience, I came home and within an hour had my painting done, I have a problem focusing on anything else until I am finished with a painting.  At first I hated it and was ticked with my lack of patience, but now I look at it and like it with all the imperfections.  

After finishing the funeral home and being extremely frustrated, I decided to do a loose painting and throw all the rules out the window and go for it.  I saw this picture on FB, Mel had posted it and I thought it would make a great painting, I spent a couple of hours on it and I love it.  Maybe someday I will be more exact and technical ( or maybe not) I enjoy just jumping in and painting these rough loose pieces.


  1. glad you have a home for your drawing and painting journey

  2. Love the new look on the blog and especially your thoughts about the paintings, why are AMAZING!!!!