Monday, January 19, 2015

Emily Dow Partridge

I am at Zermatt in Midway, my mission is to get as many of these ladies done as I can! I have 19 so far and have about 15 to go! I can hardly keep them straight! I try to remember one little bit of trivia about each wife but it isn't easy. I wish I could share more about their lives, but that would be another whole project. Anyway, this is Emily, she and her sister Eliza were  house girls at Joseph's home. Joseph married both sisters and Emma was furious and kicked them out. After Joseph's death she married Brigham Young and lived a miserable life filled with poverty, depression and loneliness.

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  1. Hello! Don't know if you'll ever see this comment, but I wanted to say thank you for this project. I am a descendant of Emily, and appreciate seeing part of her life shared.

    Keep it up